A Whole Year

I can’t believe that it has been a whole year since I have done this.  I started my new job and then things got really busy.  I lost track of time, lost 40 pounds, sustained a shoulder injury, physical therapy and getting my excitement back to get back into my routine.  Time has flown, I have flown a lot since the beginning of the year.  I have flown nearly 30,000 miles since January.  That includes an amazing week in Fort Lauderdale with my wife and two daughters for our 10 year anniversary.  Losing 40 pounds is only half the battle though.  I am really trying to lose another 40-50 pounds to get where I want to be.  Today I finally got back on the bandwagon and started my morning workout routine again.  I also started tracking my food intake again.  Something I learned when I was working on my first 40 pounds is that when I am tracking my food and workouts I tend to loose more than if I was just working out and eating whatever.  Tracking what I am eating helps me to keep everything in perspective and allows me to see where I need to improve in my diet and my workouts.  Tomorrow is shoulders/biceps/abs.

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