A Whole Year

I can’t believe that it has been a whole year since I have done this.  I started my new job and then things got really busy.  I lost track of time, lost 40 pounds, sustained a shoulder injury, physical therapy and getting my excitement back to get back into my routine.  Time has flown, I have flown a lot since the beginning of the year.  I have flown nearly 30,000 miles since January.  That includes an amazing week in Fort Lauderdale with my wife and two daughters for our 10 year anniversary.  Losing 40 pounds is only half the battle though.  I am really trying to lose another 40-50 pounds to get where I want to be.  Today I finally got back on the bandwagon and started my morning workout routine again.  I also started tracking my food intake again.  Something I learned when I was working on my first 40 pounds is that when I am tracking my food and workouts I tend to loose more than if I was just working out and eating whatever.  Tracking what I am eating helps me to keep everything in perspective and allows me to see where I need to improve in my diet and my workouts.  Tomorrow is shoulders/biceps/abs.


My legs are exhausted and my lungs have been struggling all day to get back to normal!  I now have a firm confirmation that Spin classes are the highest form of brutality at a gym!  I hadn’t done as much cardio as I would have liked to this week so I decided that I was going to give spin class a try one more time.  The first time I tried it was about two months ago and I really didn’t like it that much because the bike I was on kept malfunctioning and I had to get off and fix the seat height every 5 minutes or so.  I really hurt my leg muscles because I didn’t realize that the seat was lowering on it’s own and it tore my quad up good for a few weeks.  So I stayed away….Then today I must have woke up with a subconscious attitude of “I would really like to be punished beyond all measure today” because Spin class sounded like a really good idea.  I had completely forgotten……

I got into class and chose a different bike this time.  Others must have had a fresh recollection of the torture the class dishes out because there really wasn’t that many people in the class today.   I had about 15 bikes to choose from so I decided to sit on the back row in front and to the side of the instructor so I could better get acquainted with the gear changes and the instructions.  Bad idea, the teacher now had a full view of me slacking off and I think because I was slacking off she decided to take it out on everyone in the class.  Before long the appendages I formally knew as legs were now just constant blocks of pain and my lungs felt like someone had opened my mouth and dumped granulated Drano down my throat because my esophagus, lungs and chest cavity burned and I thought for a second there that my windpipe had collapsed!  I couldn’t suck in air fast enough.  I sat up on my bike and put my hands on my head to try and get some air and the instructor said, into her head microphone, “OUT OF BREATH??”  and all I could do was nod my head…That was about 10 minutes into the class.  The set right after the warm up.  I knew I was in for it.

The second “peak”, as she called it, was the Hill climb.  It was the first hill climb session of two.  Each session consists of 3 or 4 or 10 sets; I can’t really remember.  All I remember was that after the 1 1/2 set of hills, that pain turned into a burning inferno.  With each set we would do what she called a reset where you would sit back on the bike and stretch and then after 2 seconds, she swears it is 15 seconds, she tells you to tip and get ready for the next hill, which was longer than the previous hill.  Then they have you turn the tension up so high that you have to stand in order to be able to pedal the bike.  All I remember was me sitting down and I letting up on the tension a bit so I could at least pedal while sitting down.  I think that was about the time that I told myself that after this peak was over I was going to spray my bike down and walk out.  I was seriously doubting that I was going to make it out of the class walking.  That was minute 26.

Everything seemed to turn around at about 35 minutes and at that point I figured I had stuck with it this long, I only had 25 minutes left.  I had been pedaling, just not doing a lot of the standing and gear changing, I kept a pretty decent tension on the bike, just not to the point where I had to stand up.  I kinda felt like when there is that much tension it’s like riding a normal bike while holding your breaks while trying to climb a hill.  Somewhere in there I caught a mental and physical second wind and got back into it.  Once you climb to the top of the hill you can either turn around and slide back down the way you came, or you can keep facing forward and slide the the back side of the hill.  I mentally just hit this point where I said, “I have come this far, it would be stupid to stop now.”  I should have listened to the first thought.  I didn’t slide down the other side of the hill.  At the top of the first hill was a little platform and then an even steeper hill….I don’t know why trainers think that finishing strong should leave everyone incapable of doing anything else for the rest of the day.  My trainer yelled over the microphone, “This second set of hills is worse than the first peak of hills we did, and the second set of this peak is from H..E..double hockey sticks.”  I’m glad that there was some form of clarification there, because I thought that the previous 45 minutes had been from H..E..double hockey sticks, but now I can make that division in my mind that clearly I was wrong.

One other thing that I had been wondering about was if trainers just sit home at nights and plan out how they are going to incapacitate their students…..I got my answer and I was right!  At one point the instructor said, I added a new song and we are going to see how it works out.  Then after the song she says, “yeah, I found that one last night and that one was ugly”.  I knew then and there that they need to get out and do something other than dream of maiming people!  Luckily I finished, and I can say after about 10 hours, each of those hours has brought out a new pain or ache.  But on the bright side…..my legs DON’T hurt!!!!